Community empowerment
The Community Empowerment Program focuses on engaging Caribbean-Americans to become informed and active U.S. citizens.

Examples of activities to further this purpose include voter registration and citizenship drives, AIDS testing and education and "how-to" workshops on finance, home-ownership and other relevant information.

These workshops and drives are presented as stand-alone events or in conjunction with larger events produced by CAHFI or other organizations.

CAHFI will produce a monthly calendar to highlight the various cultural programs and events in Florida. This will be a free calendar printed and distributed throughout the region and will also be available on the internet at and by means of e-newsletter distribution.

Community organiztions CAHFI has partnered with to accomplish various components of the Community Empowerment program include:

  • The Caribbean Bar Assocation - a South Florida voluntary bar organization of attorneys from Florida's Caribbean-American community.

  • SOCAdVOTE - a non-partisan organization formed to encourage voter registration and participation through the use of the popular Caribbean genre of Soca music.